How to be healthier

We all want to be healthy and feel better right?  Feeling lethargic and tired all the time can put a serious damper on our daily lives.  If you want to start feeling better you’ll need to change your diet and start living a more active life style

It’s all about that diet!

Yes, you are what you eat.  I know fast food and soft drinks are absolutely delicious.  Chic Fil A and Chiptole are my favorites!  Greasy foods are going to make you gain weight and they’re also going to clog your arteries!  Absolutely Gross! If you want to get lean and start feeling good you should switch to lean meats such as chicken and turkey and lots of vegetables.  Try to cut back on bread and rice.  Those foods are the type of carbs that you don’t want in your diet.  They’ll make you feel kind of sluggish too.  Make sure to drink water! one hundred ounces a day should be enough to keep you hydrated.  Have you ever not felt good one day and you didn’t know why?  It’s probably because you didn’t drink enough water.   Look into buying a good multi vitamin too.

Exercise the demon!

Are you looking to burn fat and build muscle?  Do you want a Brad Pitt body and have all the girls go crazy for you?  Then start working out at the gym or the comfort of your own home.  It’s important to split up your muscle groups so other muscle groups have time to recover.  When you’re working out your biceps for example, you’re actually tearing down the muscle when you lift those weights.  Including extra protein in your diet is crucial for muscle gain because your muscles need protein to get bigger and stronger.  So how should you split up your work out days?

Monday-  Legs and back

Tuesday- abs and shoulders

Wednesday chest and arms

Then just rinse and repeat.  Including pre-work out supplements is also good because they will make you want to work out ever harder.  They really come in handy!

It’s all in the mind set

You want to be healthy, right?  It all starts at your mind set.  The power of belief is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  You have to be willing to make the proper changes in your daily lives to be more healthy.  You have to think about your daily habits and which of those habits you will need to change to start feeling better.  It’s sort of like reprogramming your brain for a better change.  Instead of surfing the web for mlm companies like the MCA scam and Visalus, you should start surfing the web for better ways to eat and exercise.  Grabbing a journal helps too so you can jot down your thoughts and reflect on them later!

That’s it for this post.  It’s time to eat better, work out more, and feel better.


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